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Reservoir Marriage Experience

Pastor Terrell and Lady Shantel Frazier bring their marriage experience of over 20 years and use various teaching materials to aide in the Reservoir Experience. Reservoir is for the married, engaged and those considering engagement.

Reservoir is held quarterly in various venues or restaurants that offer private dining. Reservoir is designed as an inreach to couples that attend Rivers of Living Waters, and an outreach to married couples within the community. Reservoir is a bridge of hope for couples on the edge of divorce, feeling bored or just plain exhausted with their spouse. Reservoir is for couples that are thriving and have a wealth of wisdom and experience to share with other couples. It does not matter if you have been married one year or forty years, Reservoir was created just for you. Reservoir is not a professional counseling session. Reservoir uses video lesson interactions, engaging activities, guest speakers and more to reset and build the couples to a place of peace. Dates are subject to change. Reservoir is for adults only. The attire ranges from business casual to after dark evening attire according to what is being offered. 

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