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River News & Updates

River Live Teachings: 

Tuesday night's Facebook only 7:30pm to 8:00pm.

Baby and Child Dedication: Held every 1st Sunday according to sign ups.

*Stay connected with The River, download the (Group Me App)...Rivers of Living Waters Outreach Ministries.

*Stay connected with your Team Leader for all team outings, activities and fellowships.

3rd Annual River Family & Friends Fellowship, Riverboat Cruise: June 23, 2024 (Registration Closed)

Monthly Announcements:

Sunday Morning Prayer: 9:30am

Sunday Worship & Word: 10am In-person & Facebook Live

Communion: 3rd Sunday's


Juvenile Detention Donations: Due 2nd Sunday's 

Outreach box is located at the entrance of the building. Books must not have staples. 

There are approximately 30 individuals.

  • Individual wrapped snacks, chips, cookies, crackers and candy
  • Books, coloring books, crossword puzzles, colored pencils, crayons, markers
  • Hygiene products travel size, and feminine hygiene products.






Every Tuesday & 3rd week of the month | Fasting 6am to 12pm or 6am to 6pm. 


Fasting Guidelines: Meal after 6pm should exclude fried foods, sweets, coffee, sodas, or breads. Water during the day as needed. Liquids after 6pm should include water, 100% fruit or vegetable juice is acceptable after 6pm. Low sodium crackers if needed. In our time of fasting, we substitute our meals with prayer, reading the bible and refraining from unhealthy conversation and activities that will aid in a closer fellowship with the Holy Spirit.


Please adhere to doctor’s instructions and take all necessary precautions if participating on the fast. Participation of

any fast is on a voluntary basis. Rivers of Living Waters, and any of its related entities, are not responsible for any

health-related conditions prior to and after fasting periods. Please pray about participating and allow the Holy Spirit

to guide you to a decision. Fasting is a form of prayer to the Lord, not forcing His hands, but moving you closer to




Send your prayer request to:

The prayer team meets monthly to pray over all requests.

Fishers Of Men Fellowship: (Meeting place subject to change)

1st Saturdays at The River, 9am | 49 N Bypass Lane, Hinesville Ga 31313

*Click on River Events for sign up link.



W.E.L.L. Women Gathering: (Meeting place subject to change)

2nd Saturday's | 49 N Bypass Rd, Hinesville Ga 31313

*Click on River Events for sign up link.

Rapids Children's Ministry: Updates coming soon.



Ministry Weekly Prayer & Fasting Scriptures

06/04/24 - Genesis 21st Chapter

Prayer Focus: The Lord is opening our eyes, it is not over.

06/11/24 - James 1st Chapter

Prayer Focus: Remaining joyous in every situation. Walk in wisdom.

Week of Ministry Prayer and Fasting (May 20th-24th )

05/20/24 - Hebrews 2nd Chapter

Prayer Focus: Being sanctified and consecrated and set apart to do the service of God.

05/21/24 - Hebrews 3rd Chapter

Prayer Focus: God is the builder of all things. Hold fast of the confidence and the rejoicing of hope firmly unto the end.

05/22//24 - Hebrews 4th Chapter 

Prayer Focus: Labour to enter into His rest so we do not fall into unbelief.

05/23//24 - Hebrews 5th Chapter

Prayer Focus: ​Going from dull ears to sharp ears. Growing strong in His word from milk to meat staying disciplined.

05/24/24 - Hebrews 6th Chapter

Prayer Focus: God is not unrighteous and will not forget our work and labour of love that we have showed towards His name as we minister to

one another.

05/28/24 - Psalm 101 Chapter

Prayer Focus: The works of the Lord are great, as we do His commandments we have good understanding.

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